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Cloud Consulting | Application Development

Cost effective, practical solutions for creating hybrid cloud infrastructure and the applications that manage it.

Command Your Environment

Cloud Computing

The cloud offers a cost effective platform for delivering highly available, resilient applications. Wether local or world wide.

Smart Home with Alexa

In the home or at the office, voice is becoming a major disrupter in both entertainment, accessing information, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Alexa for Business

Ever wish for an assistant that does what their told, exactly as they are told and execute on it immediately? Custom skills gives everyone in your organization their own personal assistant. Using voice to trigger tasks, frees your workforce for the important missions.

Custom Skills

Using the Alexa application programming interface, or API, we can extend the abilities of Alexa to address specific goals with custom skills for the home or office.

What we do

We provide cost effective and robust solutions for leveraging the cloud, voice and custom programming to enhance your business or personal goals.

Cloud Computing

The cloud offers a highly available and resilient infrastructure for your web site or applications and storage. With 500+ services you can be sure, if you can't do it on AWS, you can't do it anywhere.


Placing your infrastructure in the cloud provides a level of unmatched physical security. Coupled with in flight and at rest encryption along with flexible Identity and Access Management controlling who has access to information.

Highly Available

The cloud offers 99.99% uptime and data storage. By distributing applications across multiple data centers your applications or web site can achieve 99.999999999% availability


The cloud offers the ability to automatically scale up or down computing resources. Automate the process to turnoff or even resell your unused computing needs.

Custom Skills Programming

Want your own Alexa Skill? Voice is transforming how business can engage with their customers and interact with their companies data.


We can install and configure your smart home devices and train in their proper use. Most people become discouraged with voice enabled devices because they don't do what they want. Becoming comfortable in the use of these devices is paramount to their success.

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